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Saraswati Santanu is right in suggesting a different approach. You have overcomplicated your solution and implemented, or tried implementing something in a way that is from what I know never done this way. None of the examples, testcases, tutorials etc suggest doing what you do. This makes me wonder if you have a background in a different workflow/bpm platform or if e.g. you have taken over a project from someone else.
What I'd suggest is to at least read some documentation on jBPM4, look at examples/testcases in the source to get a grip with what does what. Besides the suggestions of java 'tasks' maybe custom nodes are also interesting for you to use, but completely depending on what your usecase is. What realy is important is to see if you need everything to be synchronous like you have now, or that the external service you call is kind of long running (>more then several seconds) so you should use async functionality where the called service signals the process instance. So please think of your architecture first and implentation later.


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