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The document "Jboss Tools / JBDS Demos", was updated Jan 20, 2010
by Max Andersen.

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* When making a demo, in its setting choose the necessary *jboss preloaders* and our standard palette and save the movie with this settings, before committing it to svn.
* When making a demo, first of all *set 0,20 sec.* for all frames and then adjust the time you need for some particular frames. 

* When it’s necessary to draw *user attention* to some particular element on a frame, use red ellipse (for small elements – tabs, buttons, etc.)  or rectangle (for file lists, windows, etc.)
* When a demo is done, watch it yourself and make sure that you have *enough time to read* text in hints.
* When making a demo, make sure that you chose the *appropriate size for hint boxes*: not lot’s of empty space should be under the text and the box should look like all other ones, undamaged, ‘cause when you try to minimize it, it could change its form unproportionally, try to avoid such an effect, minimize the box till its form (not size) remains the same.
* When making movie, make sure your *Wink uses* the elements from here, copy it to you wink folders. 
* When creating a new movie please *use the style features* located here - https://svn.jboss.org/repos/jbosstools/documentation/trunk/movies/common_resources
* When creating demos make sure that you use correct *jboss.org styles*, time capture rate is more or equal 4, and the cursor is moving smoothly on the screen
* When making a demo, make sure that all application forms, hints, windows are *not cut* with demo frame. 
e.g. the hit is cut 


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