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Author  : Timothy Mowlem
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I have an API that is NOT in the AS that performs DB access. It is used widely by apps which are 2-tier client server.
I also have an existing app running in the AS (JBoss 4.0.x) that has an entity bean and session beans that talk to the DB. I have the task of getting the AS hosted app to use the newer API that runs outside the AS. The session bean API and external API look well matched so if I can make calls from the session bean to the API then that should be fairly easy.
My question is therefore:
(1) Is it possible to call non container-managed code from inside a J2EE container?
(2) If so are there likely to be security, lifecycle, context or deployment or other issues that I need to be aware of?
(3) Any comments or suggestions on the best approach here would be appreciated.
We don't want to change the external API to run as a bean because that would entail too much work.


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