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I currently is not possible out of the box to have jBPM work with JPA. It be done by e.g. changing to using e.g. annotations or a persistence.xml file, but that is probably not all. So unfortunately for the moment it is hibernate (or you have to spend some time on it yourself, we are interested you know ;-)
Btw, is there a specific reason to not wanting to have two config files? Most likely jBPM will have it's own persistence.xml file don't you think so, maybe even it's own datasource so it is replacing one file for another. Or do you want to ditch hibernate complete in favour op TopLink, OracleLink EclipseLink or some other framework :-)
Regarding your second question (next time post it in a new topic please, easer to find then for others based on the subject.
jBPM does not deploy processdefinitions on it's own. Yes it is done trough the jBPM api but that has to be triggered somewhere (e.g. Seam) so find the source of what is triggering the deployment and fix it there.


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