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Thanks for all of the input folks.  Ronald, just to clarify I have read the jBPM documentation - over and over and this is my first exposure to BPM technology, at least from a developer's point of view (I did the Systems Engineering in a project that used Oracle's BPM technology).  I suppose you are correct; BPM does not jive with my notion I have of a traditional "workflow".   Given my example, I do not understand how jBPM is supposed to work.  For example, why does jBPM equate an Execution to a Process Instance?  To me, a process instance should be a run of the entire Process Definition, i.e. "workflow" (all the "actvities" or "steps") and an Execution is simply the node ("activity" or "step") that is currently being executed.
The jBPM documentation (as well as you guys) reference external Java classes that "control" the workflow execution outside of the listeners. That's probably where I made my mistake.  I think you guys are correct;  I need to back up and re-think my strategy.  Again, thanks to evryone for the help.  Much approeciated.


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