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Well, jBPM does 'automatically' transition from one node to the other automatically IF the type of node is *not* one that is a wait-state  (state, task and custom, the latter depending on the implementation). All other nodes transition 'automatically'.
Transitioning from a waitstate to the next state is done by a signal from an external system. For that to happen, pass a relevant id (task, execution, activity) to that external system and use it to signal jBPM when the external system is finished. jBPM can never know when this needs to take place. There is one exception. Timers on transitions in wait-states can also advance the execution.
For calling external things, The java node is for simply calling external java classes. If you want more, implement e.g. your own custom node. It's not that difficult and if you take a look at the tests/examples in the source.


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