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of course
            I  can assign   to  any of the Pooled Actor in the place  of Admin1  by the  attribute PooledActor
<task-node name="Registartion_Approve_By_Admin1">
        <task swimlane="Admin1"></task>
        <transition to="Registration_Approve_By_Admin2" name="To_Approve_Admin2"></transition>
The real problem is  The users  of Amin1  are     A,B,C,D
Among four user any one can  Approve the Registration. I  do not know who will do it first.
if  any  one of the user (A,B,C,D) does approve  others  should not approve the Registration
So that  i use locking  the token.
If it is wrong way please suggent the way to  do


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