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With that configuration, your ejb3 won't be able to see any classes, except those in the bootstrap classloader.
i.e. you have no requirements (imports) and you are not using import-all=true.
e.g. You won't be able to see anything in common/lib which includes the ejb3 api and container classes.
Ideally, the ejb3 deployer should automatically add the ejb3 classes as <requirement/>s to all ejb3 deployments
that don't have import-all=true, but it doesn't currently do this. So you'll have to add them yourself.
e.g. you could add package requirements for javax.ejb, etc.
but I imagine it will take a lot of work to figure out exactly what you need. :-)
A simpler way is probably to use a module requirement:
which is the name of your deployment that contains all the common/lib jars (it has no nice alias).

should also work just as well?
P.S. The NPE is a bug. You should ask the ejb3 developers to give you a meaningful error message. :-)


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