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Author  : Timothy Mowlem
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I am a beginner with JBoss and J2EE. I am trying to get an app running from our source tree. I have JBoss 4.0.5 running okay. I have built and deployed the EAR successfully (I can see console and log messages to that effect and it appears in the JMX console).
The app uses EJB3 annotations and has no ejb-jar.xml
According to the JBoss docs (for v4.4 - don't know if things were different for 4.0.5) a remote client looks up a bean using the name:
"myapp.ear" is the name of the deployed EAR file
"MyBean" is the name of the bean class as deployed in the EAR
"remote" is added for a remote call from a client
I am seeing:
javax.naming.NameNotFoundException: myapp not bound
I am feeding in the jndi properties via my own properties file which contains the following naming related parameters:
# Naming service parameters
Please can anyone deduce the problem in this case?
Thank you.


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