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> mailto:david.lloyd at jboss.com wrote:
> > mailto:adrian at jboss.org wrote:
> >  
> > Editor, ate my post again. ;-)
> >  
> > Following the last comment, I'm not sure you wouldn't want more fine grained control on
> > which dependencies start your bean?
> >  
> > <bean name="A" mode="On Demand">
> >    <property name="b"><inject bean="B" transitive-start="true"/></property>
> > <bean>
> >  
> > <bean name="B" mode="On Demand"/>
> Ah, that would be neat.  Let me see if I can wrap my brain around that...
> So in this example, transitive-start would really mean that the targeted bean would control when this bean starts.  So the question is, if you had two such injected bean properties, when would A start?  When either injection is started, or only when both are?
You could make a configuration option, e.g. something like
Require both dependencies to start:
<bean name="A" mode="On Demand">
   <property name="b"><inject bean="B" transitive-start="required"/></property>
   <property name="c"><inject bean="C" transitive-start="required"/></property>
Any one
<bean name="A" mode="On Demand">
   <property name="b"><inject bean="B" transitive-start="optional"/></property>
   <property name="c"><inject bean="C" transitive-start="optional"/></property>

But unless starting A triggers some other knock-on effects, the second example is likely to stall with a missing dependency anyway. ;-)
So I think you'd probably want all the dependencies marked transitive-start anyway?


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