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I have got contextual injection and basic supply/demand working, so KernelAllTestSuite is down to 18 errors and 32 failures, most of which are related to scoping. 
The supply/demand implementation is pretty simple so far. When registered, if a context has demand dependency items, they get recorded. When a context has supplies and its state is incremented, we try to resolve the contexts with demand di's waiting for that state. I hope that will suffice, since I don't want to get involved with the matchers, I might be wrong but I don't think they lend themselves to 
Similarly, the contextual injection mechanism is also quite light, we only index the wanted class on registring, and on incrementing the state we check for the classes. I don't do anything about the qualifiers.
One thing I think we're lacking is "wrong order" tests for contextual injection, at least with qualifiers, so I need to add some. The same might be the case for supply/demand, which I need to check.
I've been using concurrent collections in my DependencyResolver and Matchers, which might not be necessary. I thing al the access to the DependencyResolver + Matchers happens with the controller lock taken, but again I need to check that.


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