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Does anyone know of a method for JBoss-WS that would make it search for truststore and keystore files on the classpath, not on a fixed path?
I can do this currently with Spring-WS, e.g. in spring-ws-servlet.xml I can specify the following:

This way we don't have to put the same keystores and truststores in all the WARs that compose the full enterprise application EAR.
We couldn't find any similar functionality for JBoss-WS. Here are the example paths in the wsse configuration file:

<jboss-ws-security xmlns="http://www.jboss.com/ws-security/config"
The paths are either:
1. filesystem-absolute, which makes configuration, deployment and general management of server environments a nightmare: keystores have to be placed in exactly the same locations on all servers in all dev, test and production environments regardless of OS - this completely eliminates the possibility of using an OS with incompatible filesystems layout, like MS Windows, in the development chain,
2. or relative to the root of the WAR archive, which requires placing keystore copies in all WARs and complicates production deployment: all cryptographic keys must be replaced by key staff, which isn't qualified to mess with the EARs and WARs inside them.


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