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> alesj wrote:
> I think we should just set a reasonable date when we're gonna change them all at once.
> We give devs time till then - properly warn/promote this date.
> Then branch previous stuff to right branch versions, and move VFS3 stuff to respected trunks.
>From a logistical point of view, the ideal time to do this is immediately after the tag of AS 6.0.0.M2[1]. So, say some time between Feb 11 and 15, depending on how M2 goes.
However, the integration cutoff for M2 is Jan 31. After that date, work on M2 should be restricted to AS trunk itself. So that leaves a 2 week window where work can be done on external projects.
[1] Actually, probably after the branch, not the tag. I'd prefer to branch then tag, so any QE work for the release can be done against the branch, allowing trunk to be reopened quickly to development.


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