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Fri Jan 22 13:03:44 EST 2010

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Author  : Kabir Khan
Profile : http://community.jboss.org/people/kabir.khan@jboss.com

I've found that this code does no longer get called for the ContextualInjectionDependencyItem which are now created by AbstractInjectionValueMetaData
   private void removeClassContextReference()
      DependencyInfo dependencyInfo = getDependencyInfo();
      if (dependencyInfo != null)
         // remove all dependency items that hold class ref
         Set<DependencyItem> dependencys = dependencyInfo.getIDependOn(ClassContextDependencyItem.class);
         for (DependencyItem di : dependencys)
            // can cast because of getIDepend method impl
            ClassDependencyItem cdi = (ClassDependencyItem)di;



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