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Mon Jan 25 03:27:20 EST 2010

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Author  : Martin Porter
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I will look into this and see how it affects our deployment/redeployment. However its normal coding practice to always any close resources after use. For sure Weblogic will not close it for you. Maybe JBoss does (which is actually quite worrying) but you cannot rely on the app server for that and really why would you want to when you can simply add a finally block with a try/catch/close in it. Its basic coding good practice.
In our case hot deployment and high availability (99.9%) are key issues and as such our architect for example would not allow us to use the Spring Framework for example due to issues with threading/jms tainting the app server (his issues not mine btw). So we will have to patch this code anyway to to make it work for us. In this case I might as well contribute it back to the source branch (as I said I cant see why you would not want do do it) !.
Having said that we have bigger issues to look at today with the contraint violations as if we can solve those then this is irrelavent anyway !.


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