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Thanks for your interest in my presentation! Perhaps you can check JBoss World next June .
You definitely shouldn't need to change your configuration. The Spring Deployer and hence support for META-INF/*-spring.xml is a JBoss-specific facility with its own specific features and benefits, but it's not a mandatory condition for using Spring in JBoss.
My very first suspicion is that there are duplicate jars (Spring jars) in your app, which causes the webservice to fail, as the VFSXmlWebApplicationContext is not recognized as being a successor of the appropriate class. Ideally, you will want to have all the spring jars in the ear/lib folder and keep the war skinny, but if you're using Snowdrop and Maven, transitive dependencies might have sneaked Spring into the war. But, with more information absent, all I can say is just speculation, at this point. 
Can you help with a bit more information to figure this one out? What I need to understand is, what exactly do you mean by the fact that the wiring is not done (properties are null or there's a context startup failure since beans are not found)? Also, what jars are included with the ear/war (not all of them, just Spring and Snowdrop, if you're using that). Can you also upload a startup/usage log (with the new forum you can just attach it rather than pasting it to the post) where I can see the error/errors?


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