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Hello Peter,
Thanks for the help. Unfortunately a combination of:
1. I am a beginner with JBoss and AS/J2EE in general
2. Person with experience for the client is now in US and not easy to ask questions
But the app is running on JBoss 4.0.4 which I can see from logging in and the console output.
The app is using EJB annotations with no deployment descriptors or extending EJBHome etc so that makes it EJB 3 I believe
I have switched to use JBoss v5.1.0.GA as you recommended and I am almost there...
JBoss 5.1.0.GA is installed and running and I can connect on localhost.
The app deploys okay I think as I can see all the various beans in the JNDIView listing.
I can access the web interface okay via Safari as well.
Only thing still not working is the client code does a check to see if it can get hold of the remote interface via a name lookup thus:
remoteFacade = (RequestFacade)beanFinder.lookup(jndiName);
This fails because the object returned is a javax.naming.Reference so of course a ClassCastException is thrown.
Please can you explain why this fails?
Is it because the client is requesting a remote resource and so the object is not being returned, only the name of the class that creates it?
Or would I expect to get the remote proxy as an object if it was bound properly?
Maybe if the latter then there is still a binding problem?
Not sure if this means I should start a new thread?
Thank you.


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