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> Isn't that true that jPDL is a kind of BPEL?! In fact it instructs the engine what needs to be done and when.
Sure, just like Cobol is a kind of java, it instructs a cpu to do things... So infact no... No comparison.
> I was wondering if there is how should it be understood - since BPMN is language independent,there is no item like java or sql, hql, etc.
No, it is not... It is Webservice oriented. There is a service task which in default implementation is a webservice one. Webservices are as much a 'language' (more interface) as a java one is. The fact that you can hava a java service task, or whatever is just hidden from view. Could have been done in jPDL to, but that choice was not made. An initial design could have just a state/node also in jPDL which later would become a java node by a developer... It's ALWAYS a joint effort (search for posts on this by Tom Baeyens)


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