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*"I am contracting with a client and so client confidentiality prevents me from posting actual code or details of the app "*
I have no problem with obfuscated code, providing that the obfuscated code mimics tha patterns in the actual code. An obfuscated JNDI name pattern is still much more enlightening than a variable whose contents I can only guess at.
One thing has me confused. There is this statement: "The name being looked up is "<myapp>/<myfacade>/remote" But later you give this code:
@EJB(beanName=<a name>)
 private xyzManager xyzSession;
How does xyzSession relate to "<myapp>/<myfacade>/remote", or is it something completely different? If completely different, why mention it? If is is the same, why is it not:
@EJB(beanName=<a name>)
 private <myfacade> xyzSession;
Alos ,the reference object looks OK - it would appear to be a referencefor a "ProxyFactory/myapp/myfacade/myapp/myfacade/remote" which seems to indicate that if you cast it to myfacade you should be OK. That is verififed by this info:
Type: Remote Business Interface
Content: <package>.interfaces.myfacade
*     "(1) The remote interface class extends all of the other bean interfaces so it is a super remote to all of the other bean interfaces."*
I wonder is this is causing the problem. Which interfaces have the @Remote annotation?
*     "The console log showed a couple of warnings:"*
I don't think that the warnings have anything to do with this particular problem - as long as the name shows up in the JNDI tree, you should be able to look up the EJB. Of course, you might run into issues later with accessing entity beans.
Where does the client live - the one that is looking up the EJB?


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