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Does seem to be in the same area but not sure if its directly related or not. It appears to be related to interceptors so possibly Spring related and we are not using Spring !.
Interestingly we had removed the continue="async" off the custom and task node in our subprocess and we ran back into ConstraitnVilolations again on the JBPM4_EXECUTION table so we have put them back on again and the probelm goes away. There is definitely a bug in the id generation in that area but we dont sadly have the time to look into it unless we hit a wll we cant pass again. I guess this issue wont show up in the test suite in the distribution as those tests dont use the JobExecutor so the issue wont arise !.
It would seem that either no one is using JTA in 4.X or else if they are then maybe only on jBoss. Hoping someone might look at the question today as it should be a simple question to answer !.


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