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> One thing has me confused. There is this statement: "The name being looked up is "<myapp>/<myfacade>/remote" But later you give this code:
> @EJB(beanName=<a name>)
> private xyzManager xyzSession;
> How does xyzSession relate to "<myapp>/<myfacade>/remote", or is it something completely different? If completely different, why mention it? If is is the same, why is it not:
> @EJB(beanName=<a name>)
> private <myfacade> xyzSession;
Sorry Peter I should have made this clearer. I have re-examined the code and what I said is not correct.
The myfacade class is a remote interface and decorated with @Remote.
It extends a set of other interfaces but those interfaces are decorated with @Local, they are NOT remote.
It extends one interface which has no decoration. Rather oddly the implementing class for that interface is decorated thus:
public class ControlledValueManagerBean implements ControlledValueManagerLocal, ControlledValueManagerRemote
I don't understand this but I don't see how it can be the cause as the bean seems to be running and the JNDI name seems set.
So I think this is okay. The class contains most of the client calls and uses the other helper beans to do the work.
It uses dependency injection for the helper beans. I suppose the clue was in the name of the class!!
Here are some real examples from the code:
private ServiceManager serviceSession;
private InstanceManager instanceSession;
private SearchManager searchSession;
Each interface is @Local.
> Also ,the reference object looks OK - it would appear to be a reference for a "ProxyFactory/myapp/myfacade/myapp/myfacade/remote" which
> seems to indicate that if you cast it to myfacade you should be OK. That is verififed by this info:
> Type: Remote Business Interface
> Content: <package>.interfaces.myfacade
Okay. It looks like a standard java ClassCastException. So we are trying to cast a javax.naming.Reference to a package.interfaces.myfacade and that fails which I would expect from J2SE. The error output is:
Connecting to server localhost:1099
2010-01-26 09:47:06,022 DEBUG ContextFactory:41 - Connecting to localhost:1099
2010-01-26 09:47:06,025 DEBUG BeanFinder:57 - Looking up bean: myapp/myfacade/remote
2010-01-26 09:47:06,243 DEBUG BeanFinder:68 - Completed bean lookup
java.lang.ClassCastException: javax.naming.Reference cannot be cast to package.interfaces.myfacade
 at package.mySession.<init>(mySession.java:64)
I believe it used to be necessary to do a PortableRemoteObject.narrow (Object obj, Class cls) to cast the returned remote proxy to the correct type but that is no longer necessary with EJB 3? Is the same thing happening but now hidden somehow?
Otherwise surely you would expect a ClassCast because a javax.naming.Reference is not a package.interfaces.myfacade?
>> "The console log showed a couple of warnings:"
> I don't think that the warnings have anything to do with this particular problem - as long as the name shows up in the JNDI tree, you should be
> able to look up the EJB. Of course, you might run into issues later with accessing entity beans.
Yes that was what I thought. Hibernate issues would presumably not affect the naming service, only trying to use persistence.
> Where does the client live - the one that is looking up the EJB?
I am running the client which is a java thick client via Eclipse on my MacBook Pro along with JBoss.
The databases are on a local dev server.
Frustrating as it seems to be running fine but the attempt to use it is failing...


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