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Author  : Timothy Mowlem
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Ah one thing looks odd. Here is the output of the Refeernce that is returned by the lookup:
Class factory: org.jboss.ejb3.proxy.impl.objectfactory.session.stateless.StatelessSessionProxyObjectFactory
Proxy for: package.interfaces.MyFacade
Looks fine. But the addrs vector contains the following:
Type: ProxyFactoryKey
Content: ProxyFactory/myapp/MyFacade/myapp/MyFacade/remote
Type: EJB Container Name
Content: jboss.j2ee:ear=myapp.ear,jar=beans.jar,name=MyFacade,service=EJB3
Type: Proxy Factory is Local
Content: false
Type: Remote Business Interface
Content: package.interfaces.MyFacade
Type: Remoting Host URL
Content: socket://
The proxy factory key looks odd as it repeats myapp/MyFacade twice. Is this correct? Or a clue to the issue?


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