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Approach 1 -
When you create a portal and assign it the security to be viewed by a role or set or roles, that information is persisted in JBP_OBJECT_NODE_SEC, table of jboss portal schema. This table has 3 columns, PK, ROLE, NODE_KEY. If you query this table and group by role you will get the primary keys of all the portals to which a role is having access.
Once you have got the primary key of portals you can access JBP_OBJECT_NODE table to get the name of portals and construct the URLs to them.
Now, All the things that I mentioned above have few cons
1- The table JBP_OBJECT_NODE_SEC is not indexed on ROLE, So if your number of portals will grow you will face performance problem
2- There are portal services to get this information and probably accessing the tables directly will not be a good approach in long term(what if portal schema changes).
Approach 2- 
1- Find all the Portals created. You can find the context and then get all the children of context to get a list of all the portals.
     To find ur current node 
 PortalNode root = (PortalNode)request.getAttribute("org.jboss.portal.api.PORTAL_NODE");
  PortalNode portal = root;
  while (portal.getType() != PortalNode.TYPE_CONTEXT)
      mainPage = portal;
      portal = portal.getParent();
2-  get the domain (see the reference guide) and get the uri for each node
3- Find the RoleSecurityBinding associated with each portal
4- use the getRoleName() to determine that to which role the securtiy binding is asscoiated:
RoleSecurityBinding roleSecurityBinding = getDomainConfigurator().getSecurityBindings(uri);
roleSecurityBinding.getRoleName() ;
Let us (everyone in the forum) know ur thoughts and how u finally did it (if you have something else in your mind).


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