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Author  : Timothy Mowlem
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I have pursued some investigation of whether it is a ClassLoader issue having read some other posts and linked pages. The full definition for the identity of a class is the combination of class loader + FQDN of the class.
(1) Display class info for a bean
I tried running http://localhost:8080/jmx-console/HtmlAdaptor?action=inspectMBean&name=JMImplementation%3Aservice%3DLoaderRepository%2Cname%3DDefault
and doing a lookup of class info for MyFacade which gave:
MyFacade Information
Not loaded in repository cache
The context here was fixing a ClassCast due to the fact that classloaders were different when multiple instances of a class are present in the AS. You then two multiple entries when looking up class info. Presumably you expect a single entry for the class but I don't see any entry. Not sure if this is significant?
(2) Dump classloader names
I ran the client again and printed out the classloaders for returned object from the lookup.
Returned object from lookup:
classloader was null (which some implementations return to signify the bootstrap classloader)
Client interface being cast to (myFacade):
classloader was sun.misc.Launcher$AppClassLoader@<hex addr>
So this looks like it could be the problem?
Not sure whether this is a red herring and how to fix it?


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