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As you say I am sure if we coded everything without subprocesses. We have been having issues with subprocesses since 4.1 to be honest. But we thought we had solved the issues. However it would seem that it was onlyt short lived. One theory we have regarding this is that it could be caused due to a XA transaction rollback. We have calls from our <custom> code in the subprocess that call EJBs which send JMS messages and wait for a JMS response. If this times out as no response is recieved then the XA transaction timeout is thrown. Maybe under this circumstance it causes the ID generation issue as sometime later (even during another process instance) the constraint violation could appear. Again as I said we havre no confirmed this. It could all be related to the JTA configuration but I cant get an answer to my questions on this......maybe its all related.
I have a great fear at this point in time that we will not progress past end to end testing as there are so many issues appearing now during unit and load tests.But hopefully I am wrong !.


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