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Author  : Eli Galicia
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I'm right now able to list and display all the roles a user are member of and also all my portal urls.

this is the code
MembershipModule membershipModule = (MembershipModule) new InitialContext().lookup("java:portal/MembershipModule
Iterator iterator = membershipModule.getRoles(request.getUser()).iterator();
 //displays all roles the user are member of
while (iterator.hasNext()) {
     html.write("these are your roles, " + iterator.next().toString()    + "<br />");

//this code part will display links for all the portals
PortalNode pn= request.getPortalNode().getRoot();           
for(Object objPage : pn.getChildren()){
    if(objPage instanceof PortalNode){
         PortalNode page = (PortalNode)objPage;
          if(page.getType() == PortalNode.TYPE_PORTAL){
              PortalNode childPN= page.getChild("default");  
              PortalNodeURL pURL = response.createRenderURL(childPN);
              html.write("<a  href=\"" + pURL + "\">" +page.getDisplayName(request.getLocale()) + "</a><br/>");
I have tried the bellow code but got Null pointer exception at authorizationDomainRegistry.getDomain(); any idead?{code}
AuthorizationDomain authorizationDomain= authorizationDomainRegistry.getDomain(pnu.toString());// also tried with pURL.toString()
PermissionRepository pr= authorizationDomain.getPermissionRepository();
Iterator i= membershipModule.getRoles(request.getUser()).iterator();
while (i.hasNext()) {
     PortalPermission portalPermission = pr.getPermission(iterator.next().toString(), pURL.toString());
     //haven't started to code this part..


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