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It works only for Debug view, because sources to lookup attached to particular process.
But you're right that there are several places where you can access sources in eclipse:
1. Classpath jar browsing
2. Ctrl+Click navigation in source
3. Debug View Stacktrace browsing
1 and 2 are based on sources attached to jar files in project Classpath
3 is actually using "chain of responsibility", it tries to get sources attached to jars and then source lookup (need to check if that right suggestion )
So solution here would be to have field or complex widget (like Source Lookup) in new server runtime  wizard and server runtime editor to configure server sources location(s)/lookup. As soon as we have that 1,2 and 3 can be configured automatically for project and server launcher.

For instance, you created JBoss AS 4.2.2 runtime and provided an archive with sources. This archive can be used to initialize Java Source Attachment preferences for every jar in server classpath container and that means points 1,2 should work. Source Lookup also can be configured using provided archive and that makes point 3 working as well.


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