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Allright in order to turn off debug mode in JBoss Tools project you have to:
1. set debug="false" in components.xml
2. go to build path settings from project and change output folder for /src/hot to {project.name}/build/classes
In effect in WEB-INF there will be both dev directory with hot classes but this directory will be out of classpath (not visible for Seam).
I tried to do what Max suggested: I removed the /src/hot -> /WEB-INF/dev mapping from Module Assembly but it didn't change anything.
In order to turn it on you have to do the opposite (debug="true",set /src/hot output folder {project.name}/WebContents/WEB-INF/dev).
I've lost a lot of time experimenting because I was confused by different treating of main and hot source directories - main is build to build directory and then moved to WEB-INF/main while hot is build right to WEB-INF/dev inside project and moved with whole WEB-INF to WEB-INF on server. Is that different treating of src/hot requirement of hot deployment?
Would it have sense to add some high level functionality to JBoss Tools that switches between debug modes (eg. radio button: debug/production). I guess I'm not only man who deploys Seam applications through JBoss Tools not by home made Ant script imitating Seam-gen's one. I wouldn't suspect that deploing to production would be such problem.


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