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Hello Sebastian,
I use jBPM 4.2. 
If I want a task form with some buttons and the user can click on any button, so that a java method ist invoked (e.g. download a document from a server and open it), how can I realize it in a process step? I don't want to open the document in a java activity or custom activiy, because the user should read the document right and say wether the document goog or not good, then the appropriate transition is taken. Of couse I can put a second user activity after a java activiy(download and open a document), but if the user, who gets the first task, finishes the second task assigned to him in the next few days, and it is possible the document is not longer on his computer. This is only a example. I don't know how I can implement a task form with some buttons. I know the FreeMarker Template ist not for it.
Thank you for your answer
Greetings, Jiemin


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