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"jbossws-cxf and the spring libs in AS"

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Hi Ales,
> Ales Justin wrote:
> Thinking about it, specially since the only known / useful marker is @Endpoint annotation,
> why don't we simply say if users want to use this new cxf, they need to place either
> * jboss-classloading.xml with parent domain pointing to your WS domain
> * custom jboss-ws.xml file, which we recognize and hack the classloading metadata ourselves
this would be fine for the "advanced usecase" in which the spring based configuration is used, etc.
On the countrary, we can't ask users to add jboss-classloading.xml to a simple standard jaxws deployment (of course, the JavaEE certification testsuite would also fail for this) and without that the user deployment would not see CXF jars, which currently need to live together with the Spring ones in the isolated domain (see the last part of my first message in this thread).
> As I think it will be hard to get any proper transaprent magic working in this case.
I see... currently the direction that's been considered the most viable is to remove the Spring libs from the AS distribution ( https://jira.jboss.org/browse/JBAS-8131 https://jira.jboss.org/browse/JBAS-8131) and ask users to install them if they need / want to use the spring configuration.


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