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"Benchmarking classloaders"

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> Ales Justin wrote:
> > Ales, can you take a look at how I am setting up the VFSClassLoaderFactories? 
> > 
> Should be fine.
> So to get the tests straight.
> Why the three level hierarchy depth?
The three levels was inspired by David's stuff, as I understood it a load of one class triggers load of some others. It can certainly be made simpler though, so I can do a one-level set tomorrow.
> Ales Justin wrote:
> Who creates requirements and who provides the capabilities?
> Why the re-export on module and package?
The requirements and capabilities are set up in the individial tests. I'm  not sure about the re-export, is it needed when Impl (loaderA) loads its superclass AbstractImpl (loaderB) which in turn brings in its interface (loaderC)?
> > The thing I found strange was that for the Module test I had to specify the packages as a capability as well as the module, but I'm not that familiar with how this works so maybe that's how it should be.
> What happens if you don't do this?
I get an exception, IIRC NoClassDefFoundError when trying to load the superclass which comes from a loader that only exports the module and not also the packages. But maybe there is another setting to get around this?


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