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"Implementing a non-flat deployment for Weld Integration"

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Making myself clearer.

> Flavia Rainone wrote:
> *public* BeanDeploymentArchive loadBeanDeploymentArchive(Class<?> beanClass)
>    {
>       // collection to mark the archives we have already searched
>       Collection<Archive> searchedArchives = *new* HashSet<Archive>();
>       // collection to mark the classpaths we have already searched
>       Collection<Classpath> searchedClasspaths = *new* HashSet<Classpath>();
>       // TODO -- why the search? beanClass' ClassLoader should be mapped to Archive?
>       // need to throw an IllegalArgumentException if the Archive is not reachable from
>       // the archives contained in the archives of this deployment
>       Archive archive = findArchive(beanClass, archives, searchedArchives, searchedClasspaths);
>       *if* (archive == *null*)

Currently, findArchive method, invoked by loadBeanDeploymentArchive as shown above, walks through the Archive graph in order to find an Archive associated with the requested beanClass (i.e., an Archive that is associated with the same ClassLoader that loaded beanClass).

If the Archive is not reachable in the graph, it means that we need to throw IllegalArgumentException.

Ales suggested to replace the findArchive call by a lookup in a ClassLoader -> Archive map. That way, all I would need to do is looking up for the archive that corresponds to the beanClass CL. This is faster than walking through the Archive graph, but I wouldn't be able to know whether the Archive is reachable from the current Deployment or not, so I wouldn't be able to throw the IllegalArgumentException to point that beanClass is not visible to the current Deployment.

Which way should I go? Should I forego the "is beanClass visible to this Deployment" check and follow Ales's suggestion, or should I keep things the way they are?


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