[jboss-user] [jBPM] - in jbpm 4.3, timer not firing to leave its state node.

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Tue Jul 27 12:53:11 EDT 2010

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"in jbpm 4.3, timer not firing to leave its state node."

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Hi HuiSheng:

The following is my jbpm.cfg.xml for jbpm 4.3:

<?xml version="1.0" encoding="UTF-8"?>
  <import resource="jbpm.default.cfg.xml" />
  <import resource="jbpm.jpdl.cfg.xml" />
  <import resource="jbpm.identity.cfg.xml" />    
  <import resource="jbpm.tx.hibernate.cfg.xml" />
  <import resource="jbpm.variable.types.xml" />
  <import resource="jbpm.jobexecutor.cfg.xml" />  
  <import resource="jbpm.businesscalendar.cfg.xml" />  
  <import resource="jbpm.jpdl.cfg.xml" />  
  <import resource="jbpm.mail.templates.examples.xml" />  

The following is the sequence of our test activities :

    (1) deploy the .jpdl.xml which contains the state node associated with a timer :

<?xml version="1.0" encoding="UTF-8"?>
<process name="test_Timer_1">
   <start g="270,34,54,49" name="start1">     
      <transition to="generate-file"/>
   <state g="222,123,147,40" name="generate-file">
      <transition g="-71,-15" name="timeout" to="remove-file">              
        <timer duedate="10 seconds"/>   
   <state g="222,214,147,40" name="remove-file">      
      <transition to="end1"/>     
   <end g="272,302,48,48" name="end1"></end>     

    (2) run the start process instance:

    (3) so we assume that the token entered the "generate-file" node and waited more that 10 seconds, but we still only saw 2 entries in the jpbm4_execution table.

   (4) then we deploy one more time, and now we saw the "remove-file" activity entry created in the jpbm4_execution table.

There must be something wrong, but we can not figure out from the jbpm cfg related xml files.

Thanks for your help again.


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