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Author  : Shane McEneaney
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I have an EAR containing EJB JARs and three RARs. In JBoss 4.2.3 the deployment order was RARs followed by EJB JARs. This is a requirement as some of the MDBs and EJBs depend on the ResourceAdapters contained in the RARs.
In JBoss 5 the deployment order has changed. The EJB JARs are deployed first and then subsequently the RARs. I have attempted using strict module deployment ordering but this no longer works. In addition, I have added @Depends annotations to my MDBs but this does not work either.
If I disable my MDBs and allow JBoss to start without them I can see all of the the EJBs and MDBs in my application being deployed followed by my ResourceAdapters.
*Is there any way to force JBoss to deploy an EJB Jar after all RARs as in JBoss 4.2.3?*


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