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Hi everybody, 
Before the questions, excuse my english...
I have a simple process with a state node, it has two transitions: the first one has to be taken when the signal method is called on the token(manual processing); the second one, on the other hand, has to be taken automatically when the time range for the manual processing has expired.
For that purpose, I use a timer on the state node and set a default transition.
When I execute my test (tried with memory persistence and real database), I can see in the logs that, even when the timer fires and the execution continues, the timer is not cancelled and enters some kind of internal "loop" .
I´ve been reading all the documents and entries in the forum and I can´t find a solution for my problem...
I attach my process definition, the unit test, the main part of the JBPM configuration and here is the console output.
IdProceso: 1
notReceived Node
notReceived Node
notReceived Node
notReceived Node
notReceived Node
notReceived Node
notReceived Node
endState Node
Thanks in advance.


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