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> smceneaney wrote:
> In JBoss 5 the deployment order has changed. The EJB JARs are deployed first and then subsequently the RARs. I have attempted using strict module deployment ordering but this no longer works. 
It is known issue with JBoss5 and if you are using EAP then talk to support team they would be able to give you one off patch.
If you are not using EAP then you will have to create one off patch for it, you can find the details from the above pointed JIRA.
> smceneaney wrote:
>  In addition, I have added @Depends annotations to my MDBs but this does not work either. 
> If I disable my MDBs and allow JBoss to start without them I can see all of the the EJBs and MDBs in my application being deployed followed by my ResourceAdapters.
You should be able to set it via Depends annotaton, don't know what wrong is going on. Do you have a test case to explain it?
You can also try using prefix deployment sorted in JB5, check this JIRA
I know it is much of backporting of features, can't help on that.


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