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Author  : Jesper Pedersen
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I see 3 ways of defining the JNDI name for CFs and AOs:
1. Container: The container defines the name - user-friendly - based on the strategy used
2. Static: JNDI binding names are defined in metadata - f.ex. jboss-ra.xml
3. "Dynamic": JNDI binding names are defined external to the resource adapter - f.ex. in a -ds.xml file
We have to define an interface for the JNDI binding strategy for the container part - as we will most likely use different strategies based on the environment we are running in - standalone, embedded and inside AS.
The best solution would be to have a "static" unique JNDI name defined for each connection factory and admin object - which the strategy then just links to.
But lets start with the most common case, and most user-friendly: container defined, and only one connection factory and one admin object. Then we can go from there.


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