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I had similar problem trying to deploy war-in-ear with webservices & (some of) apache CXF jars included in.
Similar exception appeared. When I included annotations-api.jar in the war file and turned on classloading isolation, the exception dissapeared and everything worked perfectly.
I suspect (not sure) that CXF has it's own mechanism of resource injection which uses @javax.annotation.Resource annotation, and all  properties annotated with @Resource aren't supposed to be injected by JBoss in deploytime, but exactly that happens.
If annotations-api.jar is present, and classloading isolation is on - then jboss will not detect @Resource annotations in cxf and will not try to inject them (because Resource.class from annotations-api.jar will overwrite Resource.class from jboss in CXF's classloader, and for JVM point of view, CXF's @Resource annotation will be different than jboss'es @Resource annotations).


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