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Author  : Simon Cigoj
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I use generic generator for generating the id-s for my entities defined like this
 @Id @Column(name = "ID_PROJECT", unique = true, nullable = false, scale = 0, insertable = false, updatable = false) @GeneratedValue(generator = "seq_id_project",strategy=) @GenericGenerator(name = "seq_id_project", strategy = "org.hibernate.id.enhanced.TableGenerator", parameters = { @Parameter(name = "segment_value", value = "SEQ_ID_PROJECT"), @Parameter(name = "initial_value", value = "1000"), @Parameter(name = "optimizer", value = "pooled"), @Parameter(name = "increment_size", value = "10") })
 public long getIdProject() {
     return this.idProject;
and when I try using the hql editor to test hql I got the folowing error
org.hibernate.MappingException: could not instantiate id generator     at org.hibernate.id.IdentifierGeneratorFactory.create(IdentifierGeneratorFactory.java:98)     at org.hibernate.mapping.SimpleValue.createIdentifierGenerator(SimpleValue.java:152)     at org.hibernate.impl.SessionFactoryImpl.(ForUpdateFragment.java:36)     at org.hibernate.dialect.Dialect.applyLocksToSql(Dialect.java:970)     at org.hibernate.id.enhanced.TableGenerator.configure(TableGenerator.java:194)     at org.hibernate.id.IdentifierGeneratorFactory.create(IdentifierGeneratorFactory.java:94)     ... 13 more
maybe some configuration problem? The app works nice with this generator, only the hql editor is porblematic.


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