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> johnbailey wrote:
> A better long-term approach would be to move to using ShrinkWrap archives to declaratively create ear/war/jar archives.  ShrinkWrap already has fluent API to add classes/resources to an archive.
Not for these tests. We don't want to create an archive, although Thomas has already found a tool for doing that called "bnd".
For these tests, we want to pass the metadata objects in explicitly (via the predetermined attachments on the deployment)
rather than having them parsed from xml.
e.g. for testing all the different permutations of OSGi metadata
we use an "AssembledDirectory" that filters the specified packages in the classpath and then
we create many different OSGiMetaData objects with slight tweaks to different parameters.
Any other way would require hundreds of manifest files and slow down the tests as you have to construct the jars.


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