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OK, I reran the example from the book's source code (project ch09, target 10), and the log file shows the encrypted message. I also compared the book's source for ch09 as updated for AS 5.1.0 with the original source, which was for AS 5.0.0 and the only change was to a setting in the jboss-log4j.xml. So the task now is to figure out how you code and settings differ from that in the book:
a) The book doesn't declare an interface for the EJB, thus all of the annotations are on the implementation EJB. Possible fix: move the annotations to the implementation class.
b) Your client sets configs in the code (we've already gone over this)

That's it from the information you posted. I cannot comment on jboss-wsse-server.xml, jboss-wsse-client.xml or standard-jaxws-client-config.xml since you did not post them.
Have you run target 10 in ch09 and verified that the messages are encrypted? By the way, you will want to pull the sources from trunk in subversion since we do not yet have a downloadable zip file that contains updates for AS 5.1.0.GA (most of the chapters, chapter 9 included, have been updated for 5.1.0.GA in trunk).


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