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Author  : Peter Johnson
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First, I highly recommend that you install JBoss AS locally and do your development work and testing there and use the remote JBoss AS only for system/qualification testing.
But if you still insist on using only a remote JBoss AS:
* As Wolfgang points out, you will need the JBoss AS libraries locally to get access the the required APIs. You will have to manually add the required libraries into your build path. (Eclipse can provide those libraries automatically only if you have a locally declared Server.)
* You mentioned web services, so you will need to run the web services tools (wsconsume, etc) manually from the command line and incorporate the results in your project.
* Eclipse can compile the project for you, but you will need some mechanism to deploy the result to the remote JBoss AS. Possibilities include: Wolfgang's plugin, scp, ftp, network drive
* You should be able to do remote debugging, I gave you the reference in the help where this is covered. I am uncertain as to how much, if any, of the JBoss AS source you will need to get the remote debugging to work properly.
If all that does not scare you, then I wish you the best of luck. 


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