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Author  : Hernan Rodriguez
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My solution for the problem is:
Define a abstract class, implementing ExternalActivityBehaviour.
package cl.pred.cmh.bpm.events.controller;
import java.util.Map;
import org.jbpm.api.activity.ActivityExecution;
import org.jbpm.api.activity.ExternalActivityBehaviour;
public abstract class ControllerAbstract implements ExternalActivityBehaviour {
     public void signal(ActivityExecution activityExecution, String arg1, Map<String, ?> arg2)
     throws Exception {
     public void execute(ActivityExecution activityExecution) throws Exception {
          try {               
          } catch (Exception e) {               
     protected abstract void procesar() throws Exception;

Then, define a Controller Class extending the abstract class.
public class Controller extends ControllerAbstract {
     protected void procesar() throws Exception {

I defined three custom nodes in my model. These nodes were associated to the Controller Class.
<?xml version="1.0" encoding="UTF-8"?>

<process name="test" xmlns="http://jbpm.org/4.2/jpdl">
   <start name="start1" g="28,32,48,48">
      <transition name="to custom1" to="custom1" g="-10,-27"/>
   <custom name="custom1" g="84,104,92,52" class="cl.pred.cmh.bpm.events.controller.TraspasoController" >
      <transition name="to custom2" to="custom2" g="9,-16"/>
   <custom name="custom2" g="166,176,92,52" class="cl.pred.cmh.bpm.events.controller.TraspasoController">
      <transition name="to custom3" to="custom3" g="-3,-25"/>
   <custom name="custom3" g="258,258,92,52" class="cl.pred.cmh.bpm.events.controller.TraspasoController">
      <transition name="to end1" to="end1" g="30,-36"/>
   <end name="end1" g="354,325,48,48"/>


For example, if BusinessHelper.doSomething() throw an Exception in custom 2 node, the "activityExecution.waitForSignal()" method will be invoked. This method commit the transaction and stops the execution.
Then, if we need resume the process, we can use the "executionService.signalExecutionById(processKey)" method from a Web Service, Servlet, EJB, Helper, Timer or whatever.
This example, with some variations, works for me ... and very good.


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