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I tried using DTP interface at the beginning, I was able to create tables, edit,load data and so on. But my changes were lost after I close Eclipse, that means all my work had gone. So I decided not to use that interface and I don't know why. Nowadays I guess it was because the db was in memory mode, it was an in-process connection, and somehow my changes were lost. Today I tried to use hibernate schema export tool and it's very helpful, I had to learn some hibernate syntax of some configuration files, but it does worth. With the HSQLDatabase manager you still have to type SQL DDL, I guess, in fact it was not  very helpful. Three years ago I was using eclipse with some IBM plugins and there was a beatiful graphical database design tool. I was not able to find any equivalents, I tried to install EMF package, but it does not install anything helpful in designing databases. And I would like to install some graphical design tools for UML, but I don't know how to address these installations. I couldn't find anything other than EMF. It was a huge package but I was not able to get Modelling Perspective in Eclipse Ganymede 3.4.2. Thanks for your Helpful answers.
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