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thanks for replying
  ya i have done in my decision handler as u have said
  my decide method is like this
public String decide(OpenExecution execution) {
// in email i got email address of all student
 List<String> email=(List<String>) execution.getVariable("email");
// in actions i got action of all student suppose for 7 it is 'Select'
and for 3 it is 'Reject'
List<String>actions=(List<String>) execution.getVariable("action");
// count contains the no of students
   int count=(Integer)execution.getVariable("count");
// what to write here so that for each student corresponding
 transitions will be matched for particular student,means how to extract values from action
list for each student so that corresponding transition takes place
this is my handler node
<decision name="Selected?" g="96,102,48,48" >
    <handler class="jbpm.MyHandler" />
    <transition name="Select" to="send-interview-email" g="120,60:-36,23" />
    <transition name="Reject"  to="end1" g=":-15,-21" />


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