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hmmm..ok...that's not the thing i want to hear ;-)
so i played around and tried something...
Here is my xml ..(java classes are omitted because calls are selfdescribing):
<?xml version="1.0" encoding="UTF-8"?>
<process key="LOOP" name="Loop" xmlns="http://jbpm.org/4.0/jpdl">
    <start g="274,7,48,48" name="startNode">
        <transition g="-45,-18" name="to initialdecideForkAgain" to="decideForkAgain"/>
    <end g="281,755,48,48" name="endNode"/>

    <java class="my.jbpm.loop.TestActivity" g="63,316,92,52" method="sayHello" name="sayHello">
        <transition g="-61,-18" name="to joinHello" to="joinHello"/>
    <java class="my.jbpm.loop.TestActivity" g="78,155,92,52" method="decreaseForkCounter" name="decreaseForkCounter" var="request">
            <object expr="#{request}"/>
        <transition g="-43,-18" name="to forkHello" to="forkHello"/>
    <decision g="279,118,48,48" name="decideForkAgain">
        <handler class="my.jbpm.loop.ForkAgainHandler" />
        <transition g="-37,-18" name="FORK_AGAIN" to="decreaseForkCounter"/>
        <transition g="746,372:-58,-18" name="FORK_NOT_AGAIN" to="decideJoinAgain"/>

    <fork g="280,213,48,48" name="forkHello">
        <transition g="-45,-18" name="to sayHello" to="sayHello"/>
        <transition g="-77,-18" name="to decideForkAgain" to="decideForkAgain"/>
    <join g="278,399,48,48" name="joinHello">
        <transition g="-61,-18" name="to increaseJoinCounter" to="increaseJoinCounter"/>

    <java class="my.jbpm.loop.TestActivity" g="66,474,92,52" method="increaseJoinCounter" name="increaseJoinCounter" var="request">
            <object expr="#{request}"/>
        <transition g="-68,-18" name="to decideJoinAgain" to="decideJoinAgain"/>

    <decision g="277,606,48,48" name="decideJoinAgain">
        <handler class="my.jbpm.loop.JoinAgainHandler" />
        <transition g="-61,-18" name="JOIN_NOT_AGAIN" to="endNode"/>
        <transition g="-58,-18" name="JOIN_AGAIN" to="joinHello"/>
The main idea behind this is to count the number of forks and joins to know how often i have to fork and i have to join. Values are saved in the workflow object itself.....
[Join|Fork]AgainHandler do evaluate the values to decide if antother fork/join has to do....
TestAactivity only in/decrease the counter and do some "Hello" output....
I can attach a little zip with the whole project if somebody is interested...
What do you think? Are there any problems with this kind of problem solution.....


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