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Author  : Maciej Swiderski
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I completely understand your goals but I think it can be achieved differently than querying for outgoing transition of a given node. Since you have to modify the diagram I would try something like this:
Add event listener to the start node on event end that will set required variables:
<on event="end">
    <event-listener class="com.company.process.StartupEventListener">
          <field name="taskOptionsAsVariable"><string value="selected,rejected"/></field>

Create class for that event listener:
public class StartupEventListener implements EventListener {
  private String taskOptionsAsVariable; 
  public void notify(EventListenerExecution execution) throws Exception {
    if (taskOptionsAsVariable != null) {
      String[] options = taskOptionsAsVariable.split(",");
      execution.createVariable("selectionOptions", Arrays.asList(options));

Since there is no support (afaik) for collections and arrays use comma separated values for possible options to choose in the task form later in the process - same as outgoing transitions for decision point.
So after first release you don't need to change anything in the code, just the diagram.
Hope that can give you an alternative.


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