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Author  : Thomas Diesler
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This code used to determine whether a bundle gets deployed
   public boolean determineStructure(StructureContext structureContext) throws DeploymentException
      VirtualFile root = structureContext.getRoot();
         // This file is not for me, because I'm only interested
         // in root deployments that contain a MANIFEST.MF
         Manifest manifest = VFSUtils.getManifest(root);
         if (root != structureContext.getFile() || manifest == null)
            return false;
         // This file is also not for me, because I need to see Bundle-SymbolicName
         Attributes attribs = manifest.getMainAttributes();
         String symbolicName = attribs.getValue(Constants.BUNDLE_SYMBOLICNAME);
         if (symbolicName == null)
            return false;

With deployers-2.2.0.Alpha3 (i.e. jboss-vfs-3.0.0.CR2) the manifest returned from VFSUtils is null.
Is this a bug, perhaps related to the root not mounted?


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