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> From a gui select the application located at some repository to download/install into the framework.
> An application consists of potentially very many bundles.
> Try run the resolver using the application metadata.
> Only when the application can be resolved in the running framework, do the install.
> The worst case, which must be avoided is a partial install that fails and leaves the framework in a state where random bits are installed/resolved that cannot easily been uninstalled. Essentially, the resolve step for a set of bundles must be atomic.
This sounds more like a job for ProfileService.
As it's the only one that knows which deployments/repositories exist that could potentially resolve this -- aka dry resolve.
MC's mechanism should only know to say true or false if a particular set of ControllerContexts can be resolved.
Although I don't see how we could do dry resolve atm != deploy+undeploy if not complete.


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