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OK. Thanks. Peter.  You've answered what I think I was really trying to get clear in my head.  I thought that the two pools,
1. the HTTP connector thread pool (governed by the MinThreads and MaxThreads parms on the connector in the server.xml in the ../default/jbossweb folder), and
2. the JBoss system thread pool (governed by the MaximumPoolSize attribute of the jboss.system:service=ThreadPool mbean definition defined in the jboss-service.xml file in the ../default/conf folder)
were related.  Reason being, I came across the JBoss Tuning tips at:
and there was a comment relating to the HTTP conenctory thread settings that said:
"if you increase the maxThreads count you need to raise your JBoss Thread pool accordingly".  I though that the thread pool being refered to here was the JBoss System Threads pool and in my mind this created a dependency between the two.
I guess the other question I'm asking is:
What are all the JBoss thread pools that come into play in order to support the needs of the variety of mainstream applications today (assuming its safe to frame the question this way!). 
The ones I've learnt about so far are:
1.JBoss System Threads, attribute "MaximumPoolSize", defined in mBean name="jboss.system:service=ThreadPool" of $+server_root+/conf/jboss-service.xml
2.HTTP1.1 Connector Thread Pool, attribute "MaxThreads", defined in the <Server><Service><Connector> section of $+server_root+/deploy/jbossweb.sar/server.xml
What other pools are there?  For each pool that comes to mind, what is the:
thread pool name
defined how/where?
what type of processing/tasks it limits/controls ?
relationship with other pools?
Any and all comments welcome.


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